About IIDL

IIDL (International Initiative for Disability Leadership) is an international network for leaders in the disability sector.

A key feature of this initiative is the opportunity it presents for people with disabilities, families, policy makers, funders and providers to work in a collaborative manner towards common goals. To succeed in attaining good lives for people in community the service provider environment will require leaders who have the ability to promote and support much needed change in the delivery of disability services.

The direction of such change is not just limited to practice within any individual country, but to enable member countries to become part of an international movement. National polices and directions established and developed in one country can be enhanced by changes occurring in others.

The IIDL initiative aims to offer support and technical assistance to sector leaders by assisting them in promoting and engaging in change in the disability field by:

-providing a support network through partnership with other leaders from around the world, equally interested in being agents for change

-identifying and sharing the best in service design and delivery

-linking leaders and innovators together to build a base from which best practice can be showcased within member countries.

With the objective that such an international leadership initiative will broaden national policies and service developments with an emphasis on evidence based practices.

We want to be an international leadership forum that raises awareness, improves personal leadership, and shares ideas on innovative and best known (optimal) practice.

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Network meeting in Stockholm 2018

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