Better outcomes for workbased intervention programs to promote health, workability and reduce sick leave


Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (Rickard Bracken), Swedish Occupational Health Association (Peter Munck af Rosenschöld)

About the host/co-host

SALAR is a national employers association and a interest association of local authorities and regions. The Swedish occupational Health Association. Swedish Occupational Health Association works with a multi-disciplinary approach and consists of approximately 150 companies in Sweden in varying sizes and organisational form


Stockholm Sweden

Theme of this match

Work have, for many of us, a beneficial impact on health and can have a role both in preventing and aiding recovery. At the same time, there is a considerable amount of evidence that certain organizational and psychosocial aspects of the work environment, in particular low control, high demand, high effort-reward imbalance, low social support and job dissatisfaction, can significantly increase the likelihood of ill-health. Mental disorders are now the leading cause of sickness absence in most developed countries and can have a dramatic impact on work performance. A key focus in this match will be to discuss how lessons learned in the field can contribute to develop well evaluated and effective work based programs that have a potential to promote health, prevent sick leave and facilitate return to work. What are the key drivers that can support employers to invest in health and to make a shift from a reactive to a more pro-active approach? What does it take from an organization to implement these solutions successfully? What is needed from different actors at national, regional and local level to make this a reality for all employees everywhere?

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