Building bridges between families/carers & service systems


NSPH (Swedish National Collaboration for Mental Health) and Nka – Nationellt kompetenscentrum anhöriga – för ett anhörigvänligt samhälle (The Swedish Family Care Competence Centre)

About the host/co-host

NSPH (Swedish Partnership for Mental Health) is a mental health service user-led organization. NSPH is organized as a network of different service user-organizations for patients, users and next of kin, within the mental health field.


Stockholm, Sweden

Theme of this match

The relations that surrounds everyone are core to our identity, our health and our recovery. Policy and practice should therefore secure that families and close ones are considered an important resource. What does it from a service system and its leaders to really get there? • How do we get to a situation where good relationships between services and users, families become core quality criteria? • How do we build bridges between all different sectors to give young carers the support they need? • How do we assure that families and carers have access to appropriate education and support? • How do we build truly coordinated and person-centered care and support that also integrates the family and carers? • How do reach a situation where integrity and confidentiality is appropriately balanced with attention to the needs of the patient and his/her family and carers? • How do we prevent family and carer stress and burnout? • Which specific considerations are appropriate when the patient are in compulsory care?

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