Building bridges beyond borders: Cities and urban regions as platforms for mental health (I-CIRCLE)

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Host: Stockholm County Council & Greater Stockholm

Co-host 1: Mental Health Foundation UK

Co-host 2: I-CIRCLE (International Cities and Urban Regional Collaborative)

About the host/co-host

Host: Stockholm County Council is the regional administration for health care in Stockholm and Greater Stockholm is an non-profit arena for municipal development formed by the 26 municipalities of Stockholm.

Co-host 1: The Mental Health Foundation is the UK’s charity for everyone’s mental health. With prevention at the heart of what they do, they aim to find and address the sources of mental health problems.

Co-host 2: I-CIRCLE is a new initiative for leaders for cities and urban regions strategies for mental health.


Stockholm, Sweden

Theme of this match

As urbanization grows, so does the importance of cities and urban as human habitats to promote mental health & wellbeing for all of its populations. To promote this development, IIMHL has started I-CIRCLE as a collaborative for leaders in cities and urban regions across its eight member countries to learn together about how to build successful comprehensive strategies for mental health. This match will focus on HOW cities and urban regions can set up the approriate arrangements to lead and manage this complex development process across systems and sectors forward. This development stand on a solid ethical grounding that recognizes equity, diversity and population-centeredness and is guided by a set of principles: – Changing the culture (…to make mental health everyone´s business, everywhere) – Act early (…to promote and prevent ill-health) – Close Treatment Gaps (…to achieve equity of access and quality at the right time) – Partner with communities (…to build their own capacity for problem-solving and innovation) – Use data better (…to innovate, learn and act with quality) – Position government to lead (…to build the arrangements and process that are needed)

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