Building bridges – empowering Sámi and Indigenous Mental Wellness


Sámi Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Mental Health and Substance Abuse (Norway), Wharerata Leadership Group

About the host/co-host

SANKS: Governmental provider of health care responsible for ensuring Sámi patients equal mental wellbeing in Norway
Wharerata: international network of Indigenous leaders working in mental health and addictions


Karasjok, Norway

Theme of this match

SANKS has been the pioneer organization, working since 2001 in Northern Norway, for specifically strengthening indigenous persons mental wellbeing. During the last few years we have also seen increased activity in other parts of Sápmi – land of the Sámi. These includes work to strengthen knowledge of the needs of Sámi patients in the Nordic welfare system(s), providing culturally competent health care for Sámi, focus on sexualized violence against Sámi, the first plan for suicide prevention among Sámi and engaged individuals speaking up for our right to equal mental wellbeing. Furthermore, the issue of mental health is now an important one for all Sámi parliaments (in Norway, Sweden and Finland).

For this match we want to bring together leaders on Sámi and Indigenous mental health, to connect them, share experiences and learn from others examples.

The aim is to create a network of Sámi and Indigenous mental health leaders to empower and transform the continued work for our peoples mental wellbeing.

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