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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is IIMHL and IIDL?
Please check the information about IIMHL (International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership) here and the information about IIDL (International Initiative for Disability Leadership) here.

2. What is the Leadership Exchange?
The Leadership Exchange is a five-day long event for leaders who are members in IIMHL or IIDL. During the first two days (Monday and Tuesday) leaders meet in so called Matches. These happen across the member countries involved in hosting the leadership exchange. In the second half of the week (Wednesday evening to Friday afternoon) leaders meet in the Network meeting held in one of the hosting countries of the leadership exchange. Read more about the Leadership Exchange.

3. Who can become a member of IIMHL or IIDL?
For information, please check links About IIMHL or About IIDL .

4. Who can participate in the five-day Leadership Exchange?
Members from the following countries:
IIMHL: Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, USA, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland.
IIDL: Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland

For more information:
Leadership exchange
About the iimhl network

People from other countries can attend the first part of the week (Matches) if they register as members.

5. Is there a cost to participate in the Leadership Exchange?
There is no cost for members of IIMHL or IIDL to attend.
People from non-member countries can apply at a cost of US$400.00, which needs to be pre-paid. If a delegate does not attend the Network meeting without prior advice to the organisers, they will be invoiced in full.

6. How do I become a member?
Review the joining criteria and, if applicable, complete the online membership form (NB: there is no fee to join):

7. How do I register?
Once you have joined either IIMHL or IIDL and your membership record is activated, you can register using these links:
IIMHL Registration
IIDL Registration

8. I am trying to register for the Leadership Exchange. When I enter my email address I am getting an error message.
Have you completed a membership record for IIMHL / IIDL? You can only register if you are a current member. Your email address will be automatically accepted if you are using the email address in your membership record.
Have you changed your email address since joining IIMHL / IIDL. If so, you need to update this in your membership record. Here is the link from the website to access your membership record:
If you cannot remember your username and password, please contact Erin Geaney at IIMHL at

9. The registration form has a section asking if I am a “Host” or a “Visitor”? Can you explain the difference?
If you are a confirmed Host of a two-day match on the Monday and Tuesday, select “Host”. If you are a visitor in a match, select “Visitor”. Someone from the same country as the location of the match will be a visitor unless they are responsible for the match.

10. I need to seek funding approval to attend. Can I register in advance to secure a place?
Yes, you can, however you will need to email Erin at to advise you are awaiting approval to confirm your attendance. If the allocated number of places for your country is getting close to being full, we will advise you.

11. Who do I apply to for funding to attend the Leadership Exchange?
IIMHL/IIDL do not provide access to funding. We suggest you contact your organization and any funders within your country.

12. Do I have to attend the full event, or can I just participate in a match on the first two days?
We encourage members to participate in the full event if they can for maximum benefit. If you are unable to do so, we will consider your request.

13. Can I attend just the Network Meeting at The Globe Arena Annexet in Stockholm?
Each member country has a set allocation for places at the Network Meeting. Members participating in the full event will be given priority over those who are only wanting to attend the Network Meeting. You may be placed on a waiting list until closer to the event when we will have a better idea of total numbers. At previous events, those on a waiting list have usually been able to be accommodated.

14. Can I attend just one day at the Network Meeting?
As above, preference will be given to those who are participating in the full event. You will be placed on a waiting list until closer to the event.

15. I will only be able to participate in a match for one day. Is this possible?
Preference will be given to people attending the full event. You will be placed on a waiting list until closer to the event when we will be able to determine if this is possible. At the time of registering, please note this in the registration form.

16. Can I attend two different matches, one on Monday and one on Tuesday?
No, you can only participate in one match.

17. Where can I find the agenda for the Network Meeting?
You can find it here

18. What is a “match”?
A match is the term used for matching members with Hosts of the various host sites. For more information:

19. How do I select my match?
Review the list of available matches, taking particular note of the location of the match as not all will be in Sweden – IIMHL MatchesIIDL Matches

Select your match: IIMHL Match or IIDL Match

NB: You must select your match within two weeks of registering (some people may not be sure of funding at this stage). If you cannot obtain approval, please let us know and we will keep you on a list.

20. How do I contact the Host of the match and other visitors?
When you select your match, you will receive a match confirmation letter which will introduce you to the Host/s and any other visitors in the match at the time. The letter will include all contact information. The Host should make contact with you and others in the match with additional information and should ask you questions relating to what you would like to see addressed as part of the agenda. From time to time you will receive updated match lists as others join your match and you should all be in contact with each other prior to the event.

21. Who will provide the Agenda for my match?
The Host will provide you with an Agenda for the two day match along with additional local information, e.g. accommodation, transport, etc. You will also be engaged by the Host in developing this agenda.

22. Who should I contact if I do not have contact from my Host?
You should allow two weeks for contact from your Host/s. If you do not receive an email from them, please contact Erin Geaney at IIMHL at Erin will follow up with the Host on your behalf.

23. If I select a match and then change my mind, is it possible to change matches.
Yes, you can. When you select your first match, you will receive an electronic confirmation which will contain a link to remove yourself from your match if this is required. You will then be able to select another match using this link: IIMHL –  – IIDL –  
Alternatively contact Erin Geaney at IIMHL at If you remove yourself from a match, you should contact the Host and other visitors in that match to advise you will no longer be joining them.

24. The match I want to select if “FULL”. Can I be added to a waiting list for the match?
Yes, you can. Please contact Erin Geaney at IIMHL at

25. Is lunch provided to Match attendees on the 28th and 29th of May?
Hosts may provide some catering. You should check directly with your Host.

26. I am trying to find more information on the Host of a match I am interested in. Where do I find this?
The website address for your Host is included in the match information, as well as additional information in the match description on the website.
Additional information can also be viewed here: IIMHL Matches or IIDL Matches

27. Is the Welcome Reception on the Wednesday evening open to all delegates?
Yes, it is.

28. Is there a preferred hotel or a list of other options to suit our budget?
The preferred hotel is Quality Hotel Globe. Read here how to book with them directly.

29. If I choose not to stay at the preferred hotel, does this impact on my ability to register for the event?

30. Are there wheelchair accessible rooms at the preferred hotel?

31. I require wheelchair accessible transport in Stockholm. How do I organise this?
Contact us at

32. Will there be someone available at The Globe arena Annexet to assist me with mobility at the venue (e.g. during catering breaks and getting to and from breakout rooms)?
While we usually do have someone assigned to assist with smaller requests, including obtaining special equipment etc, if a greater level of assistance is required, the person attending will be asked to provide their own support person. There will be no costs for catering for the support person.

33. Will a list of participants available to all delegates?
We can provide a description of the leaders who attend the event but we do not share a participants list to protect the privacy of our members.

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