Digital Technologies for Mental Health- Building Virtual Bridges for Prevention


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Mental Health Foundation UK

About the host/co-host

Mental Health foundation is the UK’s mental health charity with a strategic focus on public mental health and equity through its research, policy, communications, campaigns and projects.
RISE is a state owned, independent research institute independent research institute offering excellence, research and innovation services and cross-border business areas for SMEs, industry, academia and the public sector.


Stockholm, Sweden

Theme of this match

The match will bring together global leaders in the use of digital technologies for mental health to develop a strong prevention and promotion agenda for e-mental health and wellbeing between: digital developers, end users (public, communities that experience mental health inequalities, and people with lived experience of mental health problems), policy makers, service providers and public health practitioners. It will involve knowledge exchange around: research, innovation, implementation and quality; and explore the opportunities for internationalisation of approaches and interventions and the scope to build collaboration platforms.

Maximum capacity

To be decided.

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