IIMHL Expanding your toolbox workshops
– Friday June 1st (10:30-13:00)

Arts-based transformation

This workshop encompasses a trip to Tensta Konsthall to view examples of arts interventions. Discussion will focus on the transformative role of arts in relation to recovery, engaging hard-to-reach communities, changing beliefs and behaviours, enhancing understanding of lived experience, and cultivating empathy. It will work through the mechanics of how to leverage the arts sector to achieve mental health goals, how to partner effectively, and what the arts and mental health sectors have to gain from working together.

Maria Lind, Curator Tensta Konsthall
Prof Jill Bennett, Director, The Big Anxiety, Director, National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA)

Collective Impact Framework

An interactive workshop designed to foster discussion and debate on the best ways to consistently and ethically practice disciplined community co-production. Participants will be introduced to two brief case studies, assess where their organizations are on a co-ownership/community responsiveness scale, and work together to generate some concrete next steps they can take back to their countries to fundamentally shift the power dynamics necessary to foster collective agency and build social movements.
Ken Jue
Councillor Jacqueline Dyer, Black Thrive
Mariyam Farooq, Black Thrive

Financing for impact – incentivizing inter- services and outcomes

The workshop will explore how to use and structure knowledge of needs, interventions, costs and potential benefits in order to design and commission preventive services that involves and support actors across sectors in order to achieve better outcomes.
Tomas Bokström, Senior Project Lead, Mission Mental Health, SALAR, Sweden
Prof Paul Burstow, Chair of the Commission for Mental Health Promotion and Illness Prevention, University of Birmingham
David McDaid, Associate Professorial Research Fellow, London School of Economics

Implementation & Knowledge Exchange – essential tools and strategies for leading effective change

This interactive workshop introduces proven ways to lead organizational and systems change. Implementation Science (IS) aids in the implementation of a practice, model or intervention. Besides an overview of foundational frameworks, key concepts and practical tools, we will share real-world examples from the mental health sector.
Alexia Jaouich, Director of Innovation and Implementation, Provincial System Support Program, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada

Messaging & Campaigning

More info to come.
Elisha London, Global Campaign for Mental Health
Sue Baker, Time to Change, UK
Jesper Lövkvist, Utopia, Sweden

Policy dialogues – Convening deliberative dialogues

This workshop addresses skills related to eliciting the values that citizens believe should drive action and sparking insights and a commitment to action among leaders. John Lavis will share practical tips for convening deliberative dialogues (both citizen panels and stakeholder dialogues) and preparing the briefs that inform them. Participants will then work on three key steps: framing the context, problem and options; selecting stakeholders; and identifying criteria for selecting citizens.
Prof John Lavis, McMaster Health Forum, McMaster University, Canada

Service & System Design

This workshop is for those who want to address complex problems related to health and care. The session will introduce service and systems design approaches to co-creating cultural transformation in health systems. It will guide participants through mapping their own complex issues back home, including the invisible cultural dimensions, and help pariticipants identify key leverage points for change.
Tomas Edman, Director, Experio Lab
Josina Vink, PhD-candiate, Experio Lab


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