Improving Mental Health Crisis Care


Department of Health – England and the Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Theme of this match

The number of people who experience a mental health crisis is a barometer for the effectiveness of our mental health systems. Most mental health admissions to hospital arise following a mental health crisis episode and the costs to society and to health systems from managing these can be huge. In England 2% of mental health service users are in hospital at any one time but they account for 50% of the total cost of providing mental health services. Crisis episodes also incur costs for the police and for welfare services but, most of all, they are devastating for individuals, their carers, families and dependent children.

We want to bring together international partners and experts from a range of backgrounds over two days to share experience, meet with service providers and service users and work together to develop some key principles and a basic framework for what steps we can take to prevent people with mental problems from experiencing a crisis, support those who are in crisis in an informed, compassionate and humane manner and support people in recovery from crisis to avoid a repeat episode.

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