Innovative approaches to mental health in primary care


Host: University of Gothenburg + Division of Primary Care & Region of West Sweden (Cecilia Björkelund)

Co-hosts: Ben Miller (USA) and Chris Naylor (England)

About the host/co-host

Host: University of Gothenburg and division of Primary Care in the Region of West Sweden, the public commissioning body of the regional healthcare syste. Co-hosts: a)Well Being Trust – a new foundation in the USA dedicated to advancing the mental, social and spiritual health of the nation b) The King’s Fund – a health research foundation aiming to improve health and health care in England


Gothenburg, Sweden

Theme of this match

The match will explore a range of approaches to strengthening mental health in primary care settings, drawing on case studies from three countries – Sweden, the USA and the England. Key discussion points will include: – Articulating clear objectives for primary care mental health services, and identifying the population groups to be targeted. – Assessing how mental health needs are currently distributed across primary care and specialist services, and whether this distribution is optimal. – Understanding the range of service models available and the potential strengths and weaknesses of each of these options. – Clarifying the professional competencies needed for mental health professionals working in primary care settings, and for primary care professionals working alongside them. – Building a business case for enhanced primary care mental health. – Anticipating and overcoming cultural and relational barriers to change. Participants will have the opportunity to explore how leaders need to act to make improved forms of primary care mental health a reality, strategies for transformation, and the role of national and regional support structures in facilitating this.

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