Marketplace IIDL

Here is a presentation of exciting exhibitions and good examples from different countries shown at a Market place in the venue of the Network Meeting at the Stockholm Globe Annexet 31st of May-1st of June.
Persons with disabilities – The image of success

A photo exhibition
Host: The Swedish Institute
The experiences from an internationally itinerant exhibition. The name of the exhibition is AccessAbility and it consists of photos of 14 people with different disabilities and their life stories.

Aging and disability – A bike tour in a world of memories

An eye-opener
Host: The municipality of Tibro together with Camina Bikes and Halmstad University
New technique as an enabler for people with Alzheimer. While biking long lost memories can return.

Face life – Women and disabilities

A photo exhibition
Host: My Right
Women with disabilities are subjected to double discrimination. It manifests itself in systematic violations of rights and less opportunity for influence and power. They rarely appear in the statistics, but we know that girls with disabilities do not have access to education to the same extent as other children.

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