Marketplace IIDL

We are happy to present exciting exhibitions and good examples from different participating countries. These will be shown at a Market place in the venue of the Network Meeting at the Stockholm Globe Annexet 31st of May–1st of June.
Persons with disabilities – The image of success

A photo exhibition
Host: The Swedish Institute
The experiences from an internationally itinerant exhibition. The name of the exhibition is AccessAbility and it consists of photos of 14 people with different disabilities and their life stories.

Aging and disability – A bike tour in a world of memories

An eye-opener
Host: The municipality of Tibro together with Camina Bikes and Halmstad University
New technique as an enabler for people with Alzheimer. While biking long lost memories can return.

Face life – Women and disabilities

A photo exhibition
Host: My Right
Women with disabilities are subjected to double discrimination. It manifests itself in systematic violations of rights and less opportunity for influence and power. They rarely appear in the statistics, but we know that girls with disabilities do not have access to education to the same extent as other children.

Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS is an unique international reform of scale and design built on three pillars of an Insurance approach/ choice and control/community and mainstream. It covers all area of significant and likely to be permanent disability, including psychosocial disability and at full scheme will cover approximately 460.000 Australians with a disability.
This stall will include fundamental information such as the NDIS Act, the original Productivity Commission report leading up to the Scheme, scheme resources and materials including many videos, brochures and progress reports. The work with Community Partners in Local Area Coordination and Early Childhood will also be outlined.

Community Connections

Community Connection Inc is a community based organisation based in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. We have been working with people with disabilities and their families for over 25 years.
The organisation is values driven with a strong Social Role Valorization theory base and has always used the 5 Frameworks for Accomplishment model from John O’Brien and Connie Lyle as the template for the work. People with disabilities and their families have control over most aspects of their daily support including choosing their workers, when they will work and what will happen each day.

Community Connection has a linear hierarchical model and is a lead managed organisation. This means that there is a heavy investment in developing workers through in-house training and generally workers are chosen for their skills and values rather than because they have a diploma in disability. Growth and development of all stakeholder – people with disabilities, families, management and workers – is considered to be of high importance.
As a result, many people with very significant disabilities have had the support to move out of home into a place of their own, work in micro-businesses and generally maintain a great lifestyle as Australian citizens and community members. Community Connection Inc does not support congregation of people with disabilities in any form and holds a values statement that is as old as the organisation which is still viewed as highly relevant and current.

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