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Följande tematiska utbyten genomfördes 28-29 maj 2018. Klicka på titlarna för mer information och dokumentation från respektive tematiskt utbyte.

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1. Personalised budgets and individualised funding – adaptable bank services

Adaptable bank services
Host: Begripsam
Co-host: PTS (The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority) and/or Stockholm City social service. TBD – To be decided
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Topic: The Begripsam Association want to address the issue of problems regarding to execute your rights and needs in the banking and payment systems for people with Cognitive disability’s ore Psychic problems.
We aim to develop knowledge and working methods that provides a platform for improving cognitive accessibility with in the banking systems.
The goal is to start network addressing these problems and to create awareness. We want to find solutions that can work in several countries.

2. Transformation of services and systems – Disability mainstreaming in public activities

Host: The Nordic Disability Council
Co-host: The Nordic Council of Ministers
Place: Copenhagen, Denmark

3. Transformation of services and systems – Multiple evaluations and learning

Host: Local Area Coordination Network CIC and Inclusive Neighbourhoods Ltd
Place: Grays, Thurrock, London, England
Topic: Thurrock Council as a practical example of Local Area Coordination in action – The importance of effective, connected leadership, from design to delivery and ongoing service reform. Subthemes: 1. Thurrock Council as a practical example of Local Area Coordination in action – The importance of effective, connected leadership, from design to delivery and ongoing service reform; 2. Leadership: the establishment of an intentional agenda around sector leadership across all stakeholders.

4. Transformation of Services and Systems – From institutionalized services to community-based services and individual support

Host: Kehitysvammaisten Palvelusäätiö (KVPS)
Place: Helsinki, Finland

5. Using Family Leadership and Personal Budgets to Create a Meaningful Life

Host: LEAP Ireland, Aoife O’Toole, Dara Community Living and Possibilities Plus
Place: Emmaus Centre, Dublin, Ireland
Topic: The exchange will focus on the shift from segregated services to individualized based supports for people with disabilities.
This Match is FULL. If you wish to be added to this Match, please contact Erin Geaney at erin@iimhl.com.

6. Persons with disabilities – Participation and Democracy

Host: MFD (The Swedish Agency for Participation)
Co-host: Equally Unique (The Swedish Federation Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities; www.likaunika.org
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Topic: Views on accessibility in connection with the democratic procedures, e.g elections.

7. When Mental Health Meets Human Rights

Host: Region Västra Götaland
Co-host; SKL/SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) and Mental Health Europe in Brussels
Place: Gothenburg, Sweden
Topic: How to work with Human Rights and personhood in ordinary psychosis care.

9. Leadership – Independent Living

Host: Independent Living
Co-host: ENIL – European Network on Independent Living
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Topic: Discussions on policy development and using the law as a tool for social change in the perspectives of consumer-driven policies for disabled peoples’ access to self-determination, self-respect and dignity.

13. The right to work in practice – from stigma and segregation to human rights and integration

Host: Mission Mental Health, SALAR
Co-host : Mental Health Europe
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Topic: In accordance with international human rights obligations, every person has the right to work on an equal basis.

14. A selection of promising leadership developments in Iceland

Host: Centre for Disability Studies, School of Social Sciences, University of Iceland
Place: Reykjavik, Iceland


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