Mental health and aging – A public health challenge. How do we bridge the gap?


The National Board of Health and Welfare

About the host/co-host

The National Board of Health and Welfare is a government agency under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, with a very wide range of activities and many different duties within the fields of social services, health and medical services, patient safety and epidemiology. The majority of our activities focus on staff, managers and decision-makers in the above mentioned areas.


Stockholm, Sweden

Theme of this match

Mental health is essential to overall health and well-being in all ages. Globally, the population of older adults booms over the coming decades. In this match we will share and exchange ideas and inspiration on how we can think and act to support and monitoring the mental health status of the older adult population. There is a need to connect public health and aging service professionals and to disseminate knowledge and key issues related to the promotion of mental health in older adults and prevention of late-life mental health problems. Key discussion points: – Risk factors associated with mental health problems among older adults – Stigma – Promoting active and healthy aging – Recognition and treatment of mental disorders in older adults

Maximum capacity

More information about our work in this field

Since 2015 nine Swedish government agencies under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs are dealing with strategic questions in order to become more coordinated, efficient and adaptable in the support for those working in health and medical care and social services. These agencies are working together with patient organizations in several projects relating to mental health and aging.

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