Mental Health Metrics – International comparison of mental health systems


Penumbra (Scotland), Mission Mental Health, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), Sweden, NHS England Benchmarking, England and Mental Health Foundation (UK), England

About the host/co-host

NHS Benchmarking Network (NHSBN) – the inhouse comparisons service of the UK NHS. NHSBN are formed from over 330 constituent member organisations in the UK including all statutory mental health providers. NHSBN facilitate the data analysis for IIMHL’s international mental health benchmarking project.


Stockholm, Sweden (location to be confirmed)

Theme of this match

The uses and limits of Key Performance Indicators in comparing national mental health systems. Colleagues will present the findings from the 4th phase of international mental health benchmarking work led by the UK’s National Benchmarking Network. The group will discuss the merits and limitations of specific mental health metrics for comparing health systems on an international basis. This work will highlight variation between nations and opportunities for shared learning & good practice. A number of countries will present case studies on themes relating to the topic, including work on personalized outcome measures The match will consider three broad themes: (i) analytic approaches; (ii) transparency and accountability; and (iii) the use of KPIs to drive or monitor change. The areas covered by the comparisons will include: – adult mental health services – children and young people’s mental health services – forensic mental health services The event will be structured over 2 days and include discussion sessions on; – the history & context for mental health system comparisons – the findings from phase 4 of the international comparisons project – country level case studies

More information about our work in this field

This will be an exciting match that will present world leading content on how health systems compare in the provision of mental health services. The work from the project is valid at both Government policy level and also in facilitating wider international standards through collaboration with international bodies such as OECD.

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