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The network meeting will take place the 31st May-1st of June 2018 at the Quality Hotel Globe and The Stockholm Globe Annexet, next door to Quality Hotel Globe.

Attendance at the Leadership Matches and Network meeting in Stockholm is free for mental health leaders from the eight member countries: Australia, England, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden and USA, as well as the Nordic countries: Norway, Finland and Denmark.

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IIMHL & IIDL Network Meeting 2018
– Where leaders connect to build the future together

WHAT: IIMHL & IIDL 2018 Building Bridges Beyond Borders
WHERE: Stockholm: Quality Hotel Globe  & The Stockholm Globe Annexet
WHEN: May 30th (evening) – Opening reception May 31st – June 1st – Network meeting


The network meeting is the second part of the full IIMHL & IIDL Leadership Exchange week (May 28 – June 1). We have designed the network meeting to provide an unique opportunity for YOU and 499 key leader colleagues to work, learn and reflect together as a network. It will further the work during the first part of the week (the thematic matches during Monday 28th and 29th – learn more about these at to expand the focus to what we need to do to get the conditions for mental health & social inclusion of people with disabilities right for the future. We see a whole society for mental health and social inclusion as key to success and BUILDING – BRIDGES – BEYOND BORDERS as three interdependent keys to get there:

Key 1: Beyond Borders

How do we turn core ethical principles such as anti-stigma, human rights, social inclusion and culturally appropriate population-based approaches into the fundamental building blocks for a shared solid ethical ground for the future?

Key 2: Bridges

How can we work within and between everyday settings in our daily life to build a whole society for mental health & social inclusion of people with disabilities?

Key 3: Building

Which strategies and tools for knowledge generation, innovation and implementation best help us drive transformation toward the systems and services we want?

Working formats during the network meeting
  • • Short presentations from the 2-day matches
  • • Plenaries
  • • Interactive sessions
  • • Skill-building workshops
  • • Larger & smaller seminars
  • • Workspace for joint forward planning
  • • Arts & Culture exhibits
Benefits to network meeting participants
  • • Sharing & learning with leading colleagues about innovations, tools & experiences of systems and services transformation
  • • Working together on what the future requires of them as leaders
  • • Support in new approaches for active leadership
  • • Building relationships with colleagues within and between sectors
  • • Joint exploration of what it takes to build a whole society for mental health & social inclusion of people with disabilities


Save the date – Network meeting (pdf)


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"This exchange... has been immensely beneficial for me. I have made great connections and will be partnering with like-minded groups from the international community that I didn't know existed. I see great work ahead and this network meeting helped to shape our vision in an even clearer way."

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