Optimizing the promise of school mental health – a roadmap to inclusion and better health


Region Västra Götaland and SMHILE (School Mental Health International Leadership Exchange)

About the host/co-host

Host: Region Västra Götaland – is a directly elected self-governing authority. The competencies of the 55 000 employees in Region Västra Götaland include: health care and medical services, regional development and planning, public transport , culture, interregional and international cooperation. Co-host: SMHILE (School Mental Health International Leadership Exchange) – is an international network of leaders with interest and expertise related to research, policy and/or practice in school-based, multi-tiered mental health support services).


Gothenburg Sweden

Theme of this match

Successful education is one of the most central determinants in enabling the establishment of independent life, entering the labor market and receiving an income. This match will discuss how to build coordinated commitment from health, education and social services to a common outcome such as school success. We will be able to showcase and discuss the work across actors within the regional development strategy of Region Västra Götaland 2014-20 (VGR2020) where skills and competence of its inhabitants are seen as crucial for the future development and growth for people, companies and institutions. The match will also look at a range of core strategic areas for leaders at the intersection of mental health and educational systems.


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Travel information and agenda

Travel information
Agenda for this match

More information about our work in this field

A website in Swedish http://www.vgregion.se/regional-utveckling/verksamhetsomraden/folkhalsa/kraftsamling-fullfoljda-studier/ SMHILE website: https://smhile.com/

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