Persons with disabilities – Participation and Democracy


The Swedish Agency for Participation and Equally Unique

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The Swedish Agency for Participation is a governmental Authority that ensure that the disability policy will have an impact in all corners of the society. The Agency work on the premise that everyone is entitled to full participation in socieyt, regardless of functional ability. this is done by monitoring and analysing developments, proposing methods and guidelines, disseminating knowledge, initiating research and providing support.

Equally Unique is The Swedish Federation Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities. The Federation act and advocate for the right to accessibility and participation in society for people with a disability. the baseline is the Human Rights perspective.


Stockholm, Sweden

Theme of this match

To participate in the general elections to the Parliament, EU, the municipalities and the county councils is a fundamental Human Right. And it is essential for the Democracy which is stated by the United Nations Convention on the rights of people with disabilities.
One third of all people with disabilities experienced accessibility shortcomings in the elections procedures. The accessibility to premises, the configuration of the ballots and the consideration of new technique have to improve.

To vote on equal terms is also a matter of abilities to take part of relevant information – accessible information from political parties, the authorities and media. The sad thing is that even if we remove all practical barriers to vote and take part of relevant information there are countries having laws stopping persons with intellectual disabilities to take part in their fundmental Human Right to vote.

The Swedish Agency for Participation has produced a report on Participation and Democracy and a checklist and there has been consultations and workshops with disability organisations, including Equally Unique.

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