Prevention and Health promotion of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health and Development


The Public Health Agency of Sweden and The National Board of Health and Welfare

About the host/co-host

The Public Health Agency och Sweden, government agency with responsibility for public health issues at a national level.
The National Board of Health and Welfare, government agency that provides knowledge based guidelines, support and continous professional development to professionals in social services and health care services. Both agencies are accountable to the Government (Ministry of Health and Social Affairs) in Sweden.


Stockholm, Sweden

Theme of this match

Today’s knowledge of the infant’s brain development and its importance for the infant’s continued development shows that society’s support to infants at risk cannot wait. Despite this there is a tendency among professionals to “wait and see” when it comes to infants (0-2 years) in families with vulnerabilities such as mental illness or addiction problems. On the other hand new parents are especially motivated to receive help.
Based on scientific evidence and experiences from fieldwork, we will discuss ways of organizing society’s support and interventions to infants and parents, to secure infants’ development and health (PIMH). We also want to discuss what skills that are needed among professionals in this work.
As an example we will visit a child health care center in a highly exposed area that runs an extended home visit program in cooperation with the social services. We’ll meet organizations responsible for efforts to the most vulnerable infant families, adapted to the parents’ abilities and needs. The goal is to increase awareness of infant’s needs. The match also intend to relate to ideas from the PIMH match in 2017 when possible, and to increase the presence of PIMH at IIMHL.

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More information about our work in this field

Our organizations have coordinated and stimulated a national development work of support for
children in families with substance abuse, mental illness or violence in a joint official assignment. This work highlighted the need for a structured parental support to families with infants (0-2 years). In this match we wish to share our experiences, and learn from other countries.

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