The Role of Research Funders and Intermediaries in Mental Health Systems Improvement


FORTE, Sweden & Heather Bullock, PhD(c) McMaster University, Canada

About the host/co-host

Research funder with strong mental health profile & researcher with expertise in intermediaries


Stockholm, Sweden

Theme of this match

How can research funders and other programs or organizations mobilize to support the transformation of mental health systems? How can we close the research-to-policy and -practice gap? This match will explore the respective roles of research funders and intermediaries (defined as organizations or programs who have a role in supporting the implementation of policy or evidence-informed practices) and how they can be organized and utilized most effectively for mental health system improvement. Through a mix of case examples, collective conversations and panel discussions, participants will share how different IIMHL countries are tackling these issues and what we have learned through these experiences. Tricky issues such as the potential and limits to the transportability of evidence across countries, scaling what works, and how to measure success will be explored. The goal of the match is to identify some best practices and innovative approaches toward maximizing our research and intermediary investments.

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