Transformation of services and systems – Disability mainstreaming in public activities


The Council of Nordic Cooperation on Disabilityl and The Nordic Council of Ministers

About the host/co-host

The Council of Nordic Cooperation on Disability answers to the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Disability Council has an advisory role for all sectors in the Nordic Council of Ministers, and its mission is to ensure that the Nordic cooperation becomes a tool for efficient inclusion of persons with disabilities, universal planning of our societies and the realization of the UN Convention.
The Nordic Welfare Centre is an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers. Its mission is to enhance social policy work in the Nordic countries through education, communication, research and development, networking and international co-operation.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Theme of this match

The Council of Nordic Cooperation on Disability (The Council) consists of disability experts from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Greenland, the Faeroe Islands and Åland. Half are official representatives for each Nordic country and autonomous area. The other half is nominated by the countries’ disability organisations. The Nordic Welfare Centre is the secretarial office for The Council. Since the start in 2013 The Council’s mission is to have an advisory function available for consultations from the countries and activities in Nordic cooperation. The Council will also participate in the design of the action plan for the Nordic disability cooperation within The Nordic Council of Ministers. This match will discuss the mainstreaming process in a Nordic perspective. Is it possible to incorporate the disability perspective in all relevant Nordic cooperation? What are the key factors to success? Lessons learned from the first years and knowledge sharing from experiences of mainstreaming within the public sector.

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