Transformation of services and systems – Multiple evaluations and learning


Local Area Coordination Network CIC and Inclusive Neighbourhoods Ltd


Grays, Thurrock, London, England

Theme of this match

Local Area Coordination is a unique and long term evidence based approach to personalized support for people with disabilities, mental health issues, older people and their families within their local communities to
- Build and pursue their vision for a good life
- Stay strong, connected and contributing as valued citizens
- Be in control of decisions and actions around their own lives

It also works to
- Build more welcoming, inclusive and supportive communities
- Contribute to more local, flexible and integrated services

Local Area Coordination, building on the international learning and experience from Australia and other countries where it is a key part of service system reform, is now established and growing in England and Wales.
Thurrock Council is one of the key early adopter sites in England, with multiple evaluations and learning over the past 4 years showing
- Increasing personal relationships and connections – reducing isolation
- Reduced dependency on health, social care and housing services
- Increasing contribution and inclusion

The session format will involve spending time within Thurrock communities and include
- An overview of Local Area Coordination in England and Wales
- Thurrock Council as a practical example of Local Area Coordination in action – The importance of effective, connected leadership, from design to delivery and ongoing service reform.
- Contribution to local re thinking of services and supports in local communities
-  An opportunity to meet Local Area Coordinators and local people with an experience of Local Area Coordination
– An opportunity for participants to share their experiences with Local Area Coordination and systems reform– including expected participants from existing countries with LAC efforts such as Australia, Scotland, Ireland and possibly New Zealand, as well as Nordic countries with an interest.
- Explore the value and ongoing development of a national Local Area Coordination Network in England and Wales and opportunities to grow international collaboration and ongoing connection/sharing of resources

Maximum capacity

Not known at this point

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