Transforming mental health through large scale arts initiatives


Darling Desperados (Stockholm), Big Anxiety Festival (Sydney) & Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

About the host/co-host

Darling Desperados is an arts & culture producer in Sweden. The Big Anxiety Festival is a large arts festival run from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival is arranged each year across Scotland.


Stockholm, Sweden

Theme of this match

Arts interventions can be transformative. They have gone from the margins to become a mainstream options for mental health leaders. They can empower those who have experienced mental  health problems and distress; build bridges across sectors; and change the way the public and policymakers think, feel and act towards mental health.This exchange takes place during the12th Scottish mental health arts festival and brings together leading international figures to offer a mix of live performances; talks and debates. We will explore issues including:
> “How to build strong alliances between actors to lead complex arts projects”-
> “How to align funding between arts, philantrophy, health and other sectors”-
> “How to ensure empowerment and authentic coproduction with consumers”-
> “In what ways can the arts address key mental health goals?”-
> “What partnerships and approaches are necessary to maximise scale, reach and impact?”-

Maximum capacity


More information

This exchange is being hosted by leaders in the field of arts and mental health. We will bring together artists, people with lived experience, community activists, policy makers and academics. Together we will explore current inititaives and new possibilities, in a fun and creative way. For examples of this see: and

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