Transforming public mental health and wellbeing with ‘ACE’ (Adverse Childhood Experiences) related innovation; getting beyond clinical to community


The Mental Health Foundation (Scotland), The Scottish ACEs Hub

About the host/co-host

This match is co-hosted by The Mental Health Foundation and NHS Health Scotland. MHF is an NGO working across the UK and internationally on prevention and equality. NHS Health Scotland hosts an “ACEs Hub” which seeks to coordinate efforts to reduce the harm caused by ACEs in Scotland. With links to education, health, criminal justice, social care, third sector partners and policy-makers in the Scottish Government, the Hub is well-placed to influence change.


Glasgow, Scotland (with a closing event in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh).

Theme of this match

A critical challenge facing societies seeking to improve public mental health and wellbeing is to respond to the harm caused by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Those responses cannot be based solely on clinical approaches. As our knowledge of the impact of ACEs grows in complexity, we need to ensure that the public awareness and civic engagement keeps pace: challenges which are as much cultural as they are scientific. This two-day programme invites participants to learn about ACE-related service innovation in Scotland, and to contribute their perspective to developing the policy framework, practice and cultural changes required to make a difference.
Joining with colleagues from the “ask once get help fast” match, all participants will have the opportunity for shared learning and meet the Minister for Mental Health in the Scottish Parliament at the close of the visit. There is substantial flexibility with the match programme, which will be adapted to suit the needs and interests of participants.

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More information about our work in this field

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